Friday, May 15, 2009

Emily~ Celebrate Angel

Here's Emily~ I think she's going to be my favorite piece so far.

Her hair was so fun to do and I think it makes the whole piece come together. She stands 13 inches tall and is 7 inches wide. She was created using a combination of Paper Clay for her body and arms. And Polymer Clay for the rest of her. This combination allows me to create a much larger piece, that is lighweight and easier to ship. Not to mention less expensive, which always helps. Her wings are made with rusty metal. Her necklace, halo and banner are all made with rusty wire and accented with rusty bells. The whole piece has been hand painted using acrylic paint, antiqued and then sealed with a matte sealer, and lastly sealed again with a gel sealer that gives the piece a matte finish.


Ragtree said...

She is WONDERFUL (just like all of your pieces!) What I love especially about her is the movement she has. She looks as if she really IS celebrating. Excellent work!

Renee :)

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