Monday, January 7, 2008


And thank you for taking time out of your busy day to visiting my Blog. I am new to this venue but it has become so popular that I thought I would give it a whirl. To the left you will see a slide show of examples of my Folk Art. Each piece is made using Polymer Clay. Once the piece is completed and baked, I then add an antiquing medium to bring out all of the wonderful detail and achieve my signature look. The Lord has given me the gift of art and my wish is to share it in a way that would bring glory to Him. Sculpting is my first love, but I also love to paint. You can visit my website to see some examples of my canvases.

But the thing I am most proud of is my Novel. It took me exactly 2 months to the day to write it, and even longer to get it published. But it is finally here and available where books are sold. You can also purchase it through my website as well, which will garner you an autographed copy!

The Quilt


Kimberlyn Owens

ISBN 1-4107-0318-5

Clair has the perfect life; a wonderful, loving husband, two healthy children and the house she’s always wanted. So why does she keep having these disturbing dreams, dreams that haunt her even during the day so that she can’t enjoy her life? They seem so real, so vivid yet nothing about them is familiar. Suddenly a stranger is taking an interest in her life. Could this stranger be the answer to her dreams, or the reason she’s having them? Although Clair is nervous she cautiously moves forward with the friendship because whatever the outcome, Clair must have some answers so she can return to her ideal life.


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