Friday, March 18, 2011

New~ From Folk Art From The Heart

Tooth Fairy Ornie

This Tooth Fairy is ready to visit the next youngster getting ready to lose a baby tooth. She will use her trusty wand to magically transfer the tooth from under the youngster's pillow and deposit a coin in its place. The tooth will then be taken back to the Tooth Fairy factory where it will be turned into pixie dust. This special dust is what the Tooth Fairy uses to sprinkle on the heads of newborn babies so they can grow baby teeth when they get older too! It's not every fairy that is chosen to be a Tooth Fairy. It's a special job and this Tooth Fairy takes it very seriously.

The Tooth Fairy was created in my smoke free studio in sunny California. She measures 4 inches long by 3 inches wide and will come to you signed, dated and ready for display.

For a closer look at the Tooth Fairy and the rest of my whimsically~funky Folk Art, click here:
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