Friday, March 13, 2009

Here she is!

This is Ermengarde, part of my new line of Retired Helpers. Ermengarde is the retired Tooth Fairy. She's still so glamorous and in shape it's a wonder she wants to retire at all. But she still has a lot of fancy in her footwork so she wants to try her hand at something besides teeth. And who could blame her?

Ermengarde was created using custom colored Polymer Clay in my smoke free studio in Sunny California. She stands 10 inches tall and 5 inches wide.

Her accessories include a magic Tooth Fairy wand with a Magic Molar on top accented with two tiny rusty bells to scare the cavities away. She also wears a tiny rusty bell around her neck to keep the plaque at bay. She's holding two tiny teeth in her hand that she has just exchanged for quarters and is making her get-away on her thin but very spry legs.

Ermengarde will come to you signed, dated and ready for display.

Look for her on my Etsy site as well as on my website.


Primgrl1 said...

I love her!! Her mouth is very expressive. Yup! She still has a lot of gusto left in her. Go Ermingarrd!!!

Kim Owens said...

Thanks Primgirl!

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