Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Have you ever felt the need to clean?

Well this morning I sat down at my computer to do some promo work, when all of a sudden I was overwhelmed with all the icons on my desk top. Not only do I have a bazillion shortcuts, but they all look the same. I decided right then and there I needed to change that. So off I went into cyberspace to find an Icon maker so I could make cute little pictures for each of my shortcuts. 3 hours later, my desktop looked much better. Then I noticed that my handy-dandy Icon maker also makes cute little teenie pictures to replace the myriad of folders in the various drives on my computer. Well, 6 hours later, I have lots and lots of cute little pictures on my desktop and cute little teenie pictures that replaced the boring file icons on my computer, and, well, nothing else done. But my computer is a lot more fun to look at!


Tamara Dozier said...

LOL, been there done that. I'll bet you still feel creatively satisfied ... :)

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